In case of an emergency, call Air Harbor at (404) 625-2114.

These tenant guidelines have been established to ensure a quality and compliant home for our aircraft.

  • Use only Air Harbor issued locks to secure your hanger. All other locks will be removed.
  • Always abide by all airport rules; be safe and use common sense.
  • Always close and lock gate when entering and exiting taxi areas.
  • Taxi lanes must always be kept clear.
  • Please part your vehicle inside your hangar or outside the fence. Do not leave vehicles outside of your hangar unattended.
  • Do not use high voltage electrical devices that could trip breakers (space heaters, large compressors, ect.).
  • Eliminate FOD.
  • Report any transient or non-based aircraft.
  • Always acquire the center line to provide adequate clearance and safety while maneuvering.
  • Modifications of any sort are prohibited unless approved by Air Harbor.

Tenant Information Sheet – Please download and remit with any information changes.